Navigating Closed Adoptions: Can You Do It?

What are closed adoptions?

Closed adoptions refer to the type of adoption where the identity of the birth parents is kept confidential and is not disclosed to the adoptive parents or the adopted person. In a closed adoption, there is limited or no exchange of information or contact between the birth and adoptive families. 

Unlike closed adoptions, open adoptions consist of your birth and adoptive families having some level of ongoing contact and exchange of information. The level of openness can vary widely from family to family in open adoptions. This can range from occasional letters or phone calls, to regular visits and ongoing relationships.

Why would someone choose to have a closed adoption?

There isn’t one set reason why someone would choose to have a closed adoption,  but here are several reasons why people might pursue this:

Privacy: Some birth parents may choose a closed adoption in order to maintain their privacy and keep their identity confidential. This may be because they feel that disclosing their identity could lead to stigma or discrimination, or because they prefer to keep their personal life separate from their decision to place a child for adoption. 

Protection: In some cases, birth parents may have concerns about their safety or the safety of their family members, and may feel that a closed adoption provides them with greater protection. This may be because they fear retaliation or harassment from family members, partners, or other individuals who may disapprove of their decision to place a child for adoption.

Emotional reasons: Placing a child for adoption can be an emotionally difficult decision, and some birth parents may feel that a closed adoption will help them to move on and heal from their loss. This can be because they feel that having ongoing contact with their biological child would be too emotionally challenging or because they believe that a closed adoption will allow them to come to terms with the situation and heal themselves emotionally.

The wishes of the adoptive parents: Some adoptive parents may prefer a closed adoption because they believe that they can provide the best possible family environment for the child without the involvement of the birth parents. This may be because they have concerns about the birth parents’ ability to provide a stable or safe home environment or because they feel that they can provide a better quality of life for the child.

It’s important to remember that the decision to have a closed adoption is a personal one, and each person’s circumstances and reasons for choosing this type of adoption are unique.

Can you find your birth family if you had a closed adoption?

Yes, it is possible to find your birth family, even if the adoption was a closed one. However, the process and the amount of information available can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances and laws of the adoption, as well as the country or state where the adoption took place.

In some cases, birth records may be unsealed, and you may be able to access information about your birth parents. In other cases, the birth parents may have voluntarily left information with the adoption agency or a registry, which can be used to help connect you with their birth family.

The level of cooperation from the birth family can also play a role in the difficulty of a search. In some cases, birth parents may be open to being found and may have left information with the adoption agency or registry to help facilitate a reunion. In other cases, birth parents may prefer to remain anonymous, and the search may be more difficult.

Where do I get started with finding my birth family?

Overall, the difficulty of finding one’s birth family after a closed adoption can vary widely and will depend on a number of personal, legal, and practical factors. It’s important to approach the search with care and sensitivity, and to make sure it is the right thing for you at that time and that you have the support of your friends and family.

To make the process easier, it’s a good idea to contact a specialist, such as The Adoption Specialist. We can discuss your personal situation and go from there about finding your birth family. We have years of experience and have reunited thousands of families that were separated through adoption. 

The Adoption Specialist: Who are we?

Here at The Adoption Specialist, our mission is to reunite you with members of your birth family, whether this is straightforward or not. We are dedicated to providing you the most comfortable journey, and will help you with the emotional side of the process as well as the investigative side.
If you’re ready to take the step to finding your biological family, you can complete our ‘Locate Your Parent Form’, or contact us directly for more information.

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