5 Reasons to Hire an Adoption Specialist for your Search

Looking for your birth family is one of the biggest and most emotional decisions of your life. It could be that you feel there is “something” missing, or you’re eager to learn more about your family medical history. Do you feel that age is catching up on you and you’ve left it too long?  Do not let any of those reasons put you off your search – everyone has the right to know their birth family –  and searching is something that you do not need to do alone.

Read on for the 5 reasons to hire the experts at the Adoption Specialist for your search.

1. Every Search Is Unique

In a world full of social media and online connectivity it’s easy to assume that finding a lost relative could be an easy task. But what if you are looking for a birth parent or child who was adopted or relinquished, only having minimal information and not a clue where to start?

At the Adoption Specialist we have reunited thousands of families that were separated through adoption or relinquishment, so understand that every search is unique and there are many methods of identifying and locating people. We have successfully done so with as little as a place and date of birth or just a name.

Before your search begins we will review your information with you during a free consultation and discuss if you are ready to search, what you would like to achieve, how the search will be conducted and what to expect during and after your search.

2. Experienced & Efficient

The Adoption Specialist is led by Lisa Townsend, an experienced Private Investigator who specializes in adoption searches throughout the United States of America, Canada and Germany. Lisa has been reuniting and bringing joy and relief to families who were separated by adoption or relinquishment since 1998, shortly after finding her own sister.

At the Adoption Specialist, we complete searches efficiently, undertaking all of the research needed to reunite you with your family members as soon as possible.  The search process will require a good amount of perseverance, dedication and fortitude and we will find your relatives through these values and our combined expertise in the field, together with DNA testing.

Upon concluding the search we will provide you with the most current name, address and any other significant information about the person that you are looking for. Every search receives the same quality of service whether the task is easy or not, you can be sure that we will complete the search and help you reconnect with your family.

3.  Professional & Confidential

The Adoption Specialist has become a leading provider of search and reunion services throughout the United States, Canada and Germany. As our client, you can be rest assured that your search will be entirely confidential and conducted ethically. The person that you are looking for will only be contacted with your permission, and otherwise should not know about your search. Using tried and tested methods for searching, you can expect us to exhaust all legal methods to achieve your goal.

4. Support & Guidance

We understand that searching for birth families and adopted children is a very emotional and stress filled time in your life and we provide support and guidance to our clients during the whole process.  Based on our extensive experience and our drive to work tirelessly to help our clients have a smooth, quick and comfortable reunion with their biological families, you can be confident that you will be supported throughout.

It is our mission to help you to prepare for the first contact and the reunion itself and our years of experience in the field enables us to best advise you during the search process and once we have gathered the information on your behalf.

We are often asked how long a search will take – it can take as little as a few days to weeks.  Sometimes, it can take several months to complete.  This is because of a variety of factors involved in the search, such as your date and place of birth and what information you can or cannot provide regarding who you are looking for.  We can discuss this more at your free consultation and provide you with a time estimate before we begin your search.

5. Intermediary Aftercare

Over the years, we have contacted many birth families on behalf of our clients. If required by you, we also provide intermediary services after your search is complete.  Our team is here to support you and make sure that you are comfortable and confident with the information that we gather for you.  We know and understand the personal and emotional nature of the journey that you are on, so we will always treat you and the information you provide with compassion, understanding and thoughtfulness.

Remember that every search is unique, and with our services we can provide you with the knowledge, support and guidance whilst conducting your search discreetly and efficiently.  Get in touch today to arrange your free consultation on 949-610-2907 or submit a Search Request Form.

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