4 Things you Should Know Before Searching For Your Birth Family

Searching for your birth family is a very emotional time, so its important to prepare yourself for the variety of outcomes that lie ahead of you.

The only consistency with all of these situations is that you have no idea what you’re walking into.

Here at the Adoption Specialist, we put together 4 things we think you should know before searching for your birth family.

1. Prepare a List of Questions That Are Important to You

While you are at the beginning of your search, start compiling a list of questions that you would like to ask. Consider asking these questions at the beginning stages of contact rather than at the reunion as some people might find it difficult to answer questions in person. 

2. Some Birth Parents Don’t Want to Be Found 

On the rare occasion, a birth parent might not want to be found it’s important that you give them the time and space they need to come to terms with the situation themselves, remember, this will be a shock to them and they might need some time to adjust.

3. Not All Reunions Go As You’d Expect

A lot can happen over 18 years, so start searching for your birth family as soon as possible! Some birth parents may have passed away or fallen ill and some may have taken a path in life that you don’t completely agree with. Although reunions aren’t always like the ones you see on the TV, just keep in mind that the closure you get from them is priceless.

4. You May Get a Little Grief From Your Adoptive Parents

Most adoptive parents will be very supportive of you wanting a reunion with your birth parents, however, others can be a little perturbed by the idea and will resist the idea of reuniting.

To overcome this, try talking to your adoptive parents about the importance of reuniting, and hope that they can support you on your journey to find out more about your family history. 

The Adoption Specialist Will Help You Locate Your Birth Family 

No matter what information comes to light during this process, you are the same person you were before you started. Be true to yourself, and everything will fall into place.

If you are looking to locate your birth family – contact (562) 438 6589 or fill out our Search Request Form.

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