The Benefits of Using the Adoption Specialist

The Adoption Specialist was founded by Lisa Townsend, a knowledgeable private investigator who specializes in adoption searches across the USA and worldwide. She endeavours to bring families together that were once separated at birth through adoption or relinquishment. 

There are many reasons as to why choosing the adoption specialist will benefit you, so here are just a few of the essential reasons why you should choose us…

Each Search is Individual

Here at the Adoption Specialist, we believe that each adoption search is unique, no two family findings are the same. The only similar thing is the high-quality service we provide for each case. 

With no two cases the same, our approach to finding your family will differ depending on your case. The amount of information each case begins with can have a detrimental effect on how long the search may take, and therefore the approach that goes along with it. For this reason, the Adoption Specialist’s bespoke family finding will never fit one single cookie-cutter design and be tailored individually to your situation.  

We Efficiently Find Your Family 

We tirelessly search for your loved ones, so no stone goes unturned. The search for a birth family can take as little as a few days to a number of weeks. Sometimes, locating loved ones can take many months, but do not be put off by this, we will endeavour to locate your loved ones as soon as we can. 

This is due to the variety of factors that are involved within the search, such as; date and place of birth and the amount of information you can give us. The beauty of our service is that we will also provide a time estimate before we begin our search, so you are never kept in the dark about how long the process will take. 

A Highly Professional and Confidential Service

When searching for your loved ones, this can be a highly charged and emotional time. To complete the relevant searches for your family we are highly confidential and discreet with everything that we do. The individual being searched for will only be contacted upon request, and will otherwise not know about your search. 

So How Can The Adoption Specialist Help Me?

While each search can have its challenges, you can be sure with the Adoption Specialist, that we will search every avenue possible to reconnect you with your loved ones. 

For more information on how we can help you, simply fill out our Search Request Form or Locate Your Child Form or contact us on (562) 438-6589 today!

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