How Do I Find My Birth Family?

When conducting the search to find your birth family, it’s vital that you begin at a time that is right for you and to go at your own pace. 

Before You Begin Locating Your Birth Family 

It is so important to think about your motivation behind why you are doing this, as your life and those of others may be changed forever as a result. What do you want to achieve by locating your birth family?

You want to consider the feeling of your present family as finding your birth family may have a significant impact on them that you hadn’t considered. For this reason, you should talk to them and talk things through before you start your search.

There are many thoughts and feelings that will be running through your mind, so it’s important that you consider and prepare yourself for the range of outcomes that you may encounter. Although locating your birth family could mean a fantastic experience and make up for lost time, it’s possible that you’re very different from one another, so an instant connection isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, it is so important to think ahead to what you intend to do when you finally discover where your relative is living. Many adoptees find it particularly useful to use an intermediary. 

Searching For Your Birth Family

Tracing the members of your birth family can be a complex and lengthy process, so it’s important to be prepared for this. The more information you can provide The Adoption Specialist with, the more chance we have to find out about your origins and family history.

When searching for your Birth family, as an adoptee there are many avenues you can go down. Our Top Tips for Adoptees will help you on your search for your Birth Family. 

Follow These Steps to Find Your Family

  1. Check if your state has an adoption reunion registry.
  2. Request your adoption records.
  3. Contact the person who originally organised your adoption for additional information.
  4. Take a DNA test through a top DNA testing company such as 23andMe as this will increase your chances of a DNA match.
  5. Use the Adoption Specialist to help you find your birth family. 

Find Your Birth Family with the Adoption Specialist

Our highly trained and professional team can help you on your journey in locating your birth family. 

To begin, fill out our Search Request Form and the Adoption Specialist will walk you through the adoption search process. 

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