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Grandson and grandma
Find Your Birth Parents and Reconnect

Let the Adoption Specialist take care of the rest

Grandson and grandma
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Let the Adoption Specialist take care of the rest.

Grandson and grandma
Specializing in adoption and reunion searches for birthmothers


Grandson and grandma
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The Adoption Specialist Reconnecting You With Long Lost Loved Ones

At The Adoption Specialist, we can help you answer questions about your biological family that you’ve been asking your whole life. We have search specialists who will take care of everything that has to do with the reunion of your birth family.


About Us

The Adoption Specialist has reunited thousands of families that were separated through adoption and relinquishment. Learning about their stories and witnessing the anticipated reunion drive us to help more people reconnect with their birth families.

We specialize in the following countries: United States of America, Canada, Germany

How We Help

Utilizing All Our Resources

The search process will require a good amount of perseverance, dedication, and fortitude. We will find your relatives through these values and our combined expertise in the field. You can expect us to exhaust all legal methods to achieve your goal as well.

Efficient Service

Our team completes all research needed to reunite you with your family members as soon as possible. Upon concluding the search, we will give you the most current name, address, and other significant information about the person you are looking for.

Your Privacy

We will put your mind at ease by assisting you in finding your birth family. You can be sure that all our process will be done confidentially and ethically.

Our Other Offerings

If requested, The Adoption Specialist also provides intermediary services after the search. Our team is here to support you and make sure that you are comfortable and confident with our gathered information. We know and understand the personal and emotional nature of this journey, so we will always treat you and the information you provide with compassion, understanding, and thoughtfulness.


Feedback from Our Clients

If you wish to meet your biological relatives, we are more than happy to offer suggestions, ideas, and various methods of finding your family. Learn more by contacting us today.